Student Documentary: French Azilum and Joseph Priestley

In 2014-15 a group of students worked with Alf Siewers on a video documentary project about French Azilum and Joseph Priestley. The documentary, called “Utopian Dreams”, focuses on the aspirations of two separate communities to create their ideal societies. This documentary is beneficial not only for the students who created it but also for the community; they have both worked together in order to showcase the narratives that surrounded the Susquehanna River. The documentary was aired on the PBS station WVIA in Spring 2016. You can watch the documentary on the WVIA website here:



SSV on the Road

Faull-StannOn September 19 Katie Faull and her research student Henry Stann (’17) presented their work on the Stories of the Susquehanna at the Bucknell “We Do” campaign event in Chicago.

CollectorAppKatie talked about the importance of interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, and community collaboration for the Stories of the Susquehanna project, and presented GIS research that she is currently developing using ESRI’s new mobile Collector for ArcGIS, to discover new ways for people on the river to learn about and share information about the Susquehanna watershed in real time.

Henry demonstrated the ways in which he has been experimenting with augmented reality applications like Layar to find new multimodal approaches to telling stories about the Susquehanna.